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How can I contact the PaySika service?

Are you experiencing difficulties or need information?

You can contact us directly via app chat.

It may happen that you are unable to access the application due to technical or other problems...

In this case you can send us a message on one of our platforms on this link:

As you know, the PaySika application is a banking innovation in Cameroon and the sub-region.
It is on the strength of this achievement that malicious people usurp our identity for unhealthy purposes.

In order to avoid this, we would like to remind you that PaySika or a member of its team will NEVER contact you (by WhatsApp, mobile phone, etc.) to ask for your personal information (password, PIN code, etc.).

If someone contacts you under the guise of PaySIka asking for one of your private details, be aware that this is an attempt to hack your account, nothing more!

To stay safe, we communicate mainly with our users via app chat.

If you have any needs or doubts, don't hesitate to write to us directly via the chat in your PaySika application . This way, you are sure to meet a PaySika agent and/or get an answer to your concern.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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