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Examples of platforms where you can use the PaySika bank card.

Hello, welcome to this article!
You are probably an internet enthusiast.
You must know that the world is changing dramatically and so are the attitudes.
The Internet has come to make life easier by integrating online platforms where to get a product or a service we don't need to be present.

Hence the importance of online payments, with the advent of bank cards that allow you to make your transactions online.

So PaySika, to make it easier for you and avoid hassle, we allow you to have a bank card remotely for free.

You are probably wondering: what are the platforms where you can use the PaySika bank card?

Its platforms are :

Facebook or LinkedIn

To promote your services or products via Facebook / LinkedIn boosts

Netflix or Prime Video

Streaming platforms where you can watch movies, shows, series and more... If you like to watch online, credit cards are available for your payments.

Amazon or Alibaba

You have the e-commerce platforms to allow you to shop online. Then PaySika facilitates your payments in these platforms.

Adobe Photoshop or Canva

Purchasing or subscribing to certain design tools requires payment by credit card. So, to solve this problem that some designers face, we have the PaySika credit card.

Buffer or Hoosuite

We also have tools that allow the management of social networks. They are generally unknown because they are often not accessible (because they are usually paid). So, with PaySika, payment will no longer be a problem.

Play store or App store

These are the "application markets" (down to earth application shops) where you will find applications where, before you can use them, you must pay for them. Payment is usually by credit card. Many people can't do this because they don't have credit cards. With Paysika, you won't have any payment problems.

Google ads or critéo

We make it easy to pay for your ads via online advertising networks.

Shotcut or Magix Video Easy

For the purchase and subscription of your video editing tools, trust PaYsika for your payments.

Xbox or Playstation

For fans of online games, with the PaySika card, make your purchases in complete security

Coursera and udemy

These are e-learning platforms, they are usually paid online

We can have several other examples in the different categories.

Updated on: 20/04/2022

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