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Restricted PaySika account? Causes and possible solutions

Your PaySika account is restricted and you don't know why or what to do? In general, a restricted account means that you can't do certain banking transactions, which could drastically slow down your online payment activities.
What if we explored together the different scenarios that can cause the restriction of a PaySika account?

1. Why is my PaySika account restricted?

According to the regulations in force in Cameroon, a bank account can be blocked for several reasons. However, at PaySika, we make sure that most of the time you receive a notification that your account has been restricted. If not, the easiest way is to get in touch with us.

Here are 7 reasons why your account may be restricted.

1.1 The user has made too many transfers to an unverified PaySika account

When your account is not yet "verified", there is a limit of transactions that must not be crossed. To go further and make your payments hassle-free, we advise you to finalize the verification of your PaySika account by following these steps.

1.2 The user is suspected of financial fraud

If any suspicious transactions are detected on your credit card, you will no longer be able to make MoMo withdrawals until further notice. If not, simply send us proof that all your transactions are legal; and Treasury agent PaySika will analyze it scrupulously.

1.3 The user has reached the required number of cards per month, year or week,

Your account may also be restricted if you reach the number of cards allowed per week, month or year.
1.4 The User transacts with an audited account

If you attempt to transact with an audited account, we will be forced to restrict your access to your card information

1.5 The user has reached the limit of restrictions allowed

In case you reach the limit of required restrictions, your card will be deleted. So pay attention to all the recommendations we provide you.

1.6 The User is subject to a problem of double receipt of funds

In order to reduce the risk of fraud and preserve your identity and money, we make the "Deposit" service temporarily unavailable, if a case of double receipt of funds is observed.
If this problem persists, you will not be able to make withdrawals for a while until the problem is resolved.

1.7 The User does not meet the requirements to use the App

If, after auditing and in accordance with the applicable rules, we become aware that you are not authorized to use the PaySika app, your account will be restricted. For more details about these rules, contact us!
Good to know: these restrictions apply to both those who use the XAF bank card and those who use the USD bank card.

2. What is the best solution to recover my PaySika account?

What you need to know is that in the banking industry, data changes quickly, and each case is handled at PaySika individually. It is for this reason that we recommend that you contact our customer service department, regardless of the difficulty or restriction your account is subject to.
In fact, on our social networks, we are generally very active, and we respond to your concerns without contours.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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