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How do I remove a restriction from my account?

Has your account been restricted? Don't panic!


In order to lift this restriction and continue using your account, we would ask you to provide us with the following information:** Step 1: Copy the following text onto a sheet of RAM or any other presentable medium.

Step 1: Copy the following text onto a sheet of RAM or any other presentable medium:

I, the undersigned Mr/Mrs......., born on ..... at ......._

Declare on my honour that I am the holder of the account opened in the books of PaySika, associated with my telephone number....... in support of the documents I have provided, in particular my Passport/CNI/Récépissé Number..... issued on....... at ......

I confirm the authenticity of the aforementioned documents, and I acknowledge that in the event of production of false documents, or use of my account for fraudulent purposes, in addition to closure of the aforementioned account, I shall be liable to prosecution in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Done at ...._
Signature (followed by full name)

Step 2:

Sign the document.

Step 3:

Make a video of yourself reading the document while showing your face.

You must send us

Your signed document,
The video you recorded,
Proof of your last 3 online payments with the XAF bank card,
Your proof of income (see the different types of proof below),

Please send the requested information to the following address: If we do not receive these items by the deadline, your account will remain restricted until verification has been completed.

We understand that this procedure may seem restrictive, but it is essential to ensure the security of our users and the compliance of our services.
As a digital financial company, the regulations require us to strengthen our KYC measures, in particular by producing, in addition to a photo, a video certifying that you are indeed the holder of the account with the documents available to us.

We thank you for your cooperation and remain at your disposal for any further questions or assistance.

Yours sincerely

PaySika Compliance Team

Here is a non-exhaustive list of proof of income:** If you are employed

If you are employed:
Pay slip,

If you are a freelancer:
Tax compliance certificate
Tax compliance certificate

If you are a student: * Certificate of enrolment or registration
Proof of school attendance or
Pay slip or
Proof of monthly payment for work

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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