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Do you ever want to make online payments discreetly without having to give out your card information? The PayPal platform allows you to consolidate all your online payment methods and save all your banking data to pay easily, quickly and discreetly on Amazon, EBay, Alibaba, Facebook…

All VISA PaySika cardholders can link and confirm their card via PayPal and make online purchases with ease

PHASE 1 : How to link your VISA PaySika card to your PayPal account ?

Step 1: Access your portfolio.

On computer click on “Portfolio”

Menu “Portfolio” on computer

On your smartphone, press the 3 dashes and press “Wallet”.

Screenshot showing the menus and the portfolio

Screenshot showing the menus and the portfolio
Step 2 : Register your new card

On computer click on “Save a map”.

Screenshot to add your debit card

Étape 3 : Enter your PaySika credit card information by accessing the application and finalize the registration of your card by clicking on “Register a card”.

Screenshot to register your debit card

In some cases, to verify that you are the cardholder,
PayPal may ask you to confirm your card. If a bank
“Confirm Card” link appears in the Card Information section of your PayPal Wallet, then you must confirm your card before you can use it with PayPal. If this link does not appear, you can begin using your card immediately.

PHASE 2 : How to confirm your VISA PaySika card to your PayPal account ?

By registering and confirming your PaySika credit card on the PayPal platform, you are helping to confirm your identity and verify that you are the owner of the card you have registered on your PayPal account.

To confirm your PaySika credit card on PayPal from your smartphone or computer, access your wallet and click on the card you wish to** confirm**.

Screenshot Get your PayPa code

By clicking on get a code, PayPal will debit a small amount from your card to generate a unique 4-digit PayPal code on your card statement.

Open your PaySika application and click on the transaction for more details. You will need to look for the code (IN RED IN THE PICTURE) on your card statement and enter it on the PayPal site.

the code asked by site marchant

Step 3 – transaction details on PaySika
The small charge will be refunded to your card once the card has been confirmed or if the 4-digit code is not used for 75 days. Depending on your card issuer, it may take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement.

Attentions: Have you received a suspicious email, message or call? Do not respond to it, open any links it may contain, download any attachments, or call any phone numbers listed. We will NEVER ask you for your PaySika password or account information by email, message or phone. Forward suspicious messages to and delete them.

Updated on: 07/08/2023

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