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How do I top up my PaySika account ?

Hello and welcome to this article!
PaySika allows you to recharge your account very easily.

Don't worry, we will tell you how to do it !

It is important to know that the top up can be done by Mobile Money or by another card than PaySika.

The advantage of PaySika is that you (the user) can be sure that your online transactions are secure.

Case 1: Via Mobile Money
With a mobile money account, recharging is easy.

Step 1: On the home page, you must click on the plus(+) button
Step 2 :
a) If your mobile money account is the number with which you registered on PaySika, you will just have to put the amount and click on "top up my card".
You will also get a pop-up asking you to verify yourself and it is important to note that, to make a second top-up, verification will be mandatory.

PaySika- Top up with your number

b) If it is a different mobile money account from the one registered on your PaySika account, you just have to click on "change", put the number, add a name then come back to the top up screen and click on "top up my card

PaySika - Change number when top up

Step 3: Next, a pop-up will appear on the phone with the number and you will need to put in your secret code to confirm the recharge.

Now if the pop-up doesn't appear, the top-up number is on the same phone as the PaySika application, you just have to click on the dial *126# button

It can happen that you make the top-up in another phone, you just have to type the code *126# for MTN and #150# for Orange to put your secret code if you are in Cameroon.
PS: This code may change depending on the country and the operator you are using.

PaySika - Enter the operator's PIN code to complete the top-up

Case 2: Via another card (this functionality is not yet available)

On the homepage, you must click on the plus(+) button
Step 1: You click on the section above the text "see all
Step 2: You will enter a new page where you will click on "add a card
Step 3: You just need to insert your card information.

One account, one free bank card, PaySika !
Thank you for reading, bay!!!

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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