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How to send money from a PaySika account to a PaySika account

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You probably have a friend who needs money for an online transaction, but is having trouble with his mobile money.

PaySika gives you the opportunity to send money to your friend to help him/her out.

Wondering how this is possible on PaySika ?

We will tell you everything in the following lines.

The different steps are as follows:

Insert the number *.
On the home page of your account (as well as on the other pages), you must click on the "send" item at the bottom of the page .

a) If you want to send money from your PaySika account via another PaySika account.
1st case : If the number is in your contacts, you just have to click on the "contacts" button and make your choice. You will then access a page where you will be shown the different types of accounts the number has (PaySika account and a mobile money account). All you have to do is choose the PaySika account.

Send PaySika -Insert number 1

PS : If the number does not have a PaySika account, you can invite them to join you. ###

b) If the number is not in your contacts
You just have to add it by clicking on the "contacts" button. Then, on the contacts page in the application, you will click on "add", and then choose "PaySika account" and insert the number and the name as shown in the following visuals:

Send PaySika -Insert number 2

To continue with the steps :

You must click on "next", when the number has been selected,

You will then fill in the amount to be sent and click on "send".

Finally, you must enter your PIN code to validate the transaction.

Send PaySika
One account, one free debit card, PaySika !
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Updated on: 06/07/2022

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