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How to create a PaySika account via your mobile APP ?

The creation of the PaySika account can be done via :
the mobile application,

the web application and

the chatbot Messenger.

Mobile application
Step 1: download the PlaySika mobile application on :
Play Store, for Android users and

TestFlight (and soon available on App Store), for Ios users

Step 2 : Create the PaySika account
After downloading the application, open it and you will be presented with the following screen for the first time:

You can scroll through all four screens to get an overview of our main services.

Click on Open and then you will be asked to complete the information on the screens below:

Attention: if your relative has given you a sponsorship code, do not forget to click yes and enter it on the sponsorship screen.

Once you have filled in all the information, by clicking on Save, you will receive a confirmation code that you will enter here:

Create and save your PIN code on this screen:

The PIN code will allow you to unlock your phone easily.

Step 3: Start using your account

Warning : without verification of your identity, you will only be able to top up 1 000 FCFA on your account

One account, one free bank card, PaySika !
Thank you for reading, bay!!!

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Updated on: 27/06/2022

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