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How to withdraw money from PaySika ?

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You have made a huge top-up on your PaySika account in order to keep money and avoid mobile money scammers stealing your money.
You would then like to withdraw some of the money from the PaySika account to get cash.
You should know that at PaySika, withdrawals are made via mobile money.

The question you are asking is how to withdraw your money from PaySika.
It's very simple, we'll tell you!

This can be done in several steps.

The different steps are the following:

On your account profile page (as well as on other pages) you must click on the exchange icon at the bottom of the screen.

By clicking on the icon you will land on a new page where you must insert your number and then click on "next".

(PS: if the number is not yours, you will have to click on change to put the number you want. )

You will then enter the amount to be withdrawn and click on the "withdraw" button.

You must then enter your pin code to validate the transaction (this ensures that the transaction is carried out by you).

PS: You should know that your money will be sent to your Mobile Money account.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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