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How can I see my XAF PaySika card details?

I can't access my XAF card information. What should I do?

You have updated your application and would like to see the information on your VISA PaySika card? It's easy!

Once connected to the application interface,

Click on the "cards" tab

Good to know: if you have 2 cards including a USD card, slide and select the XAF card.

Then press anywhere on your XAF virtual card.

Enter your PIN

The aim here is to make sure that it is you who is trying to read the information on the card.

Once the code has been validated, you will have access to all the details of your XAF card.

These details are strictly confidential, so don't share them. For added security, the system has made it impossible to take a screen capture when reading card details.

Good to know: If you have just created your XAF card and it has not been topped up, you should know that before reading the information on your card, you must top it up with a minimum amount ofN** 1,000 FCFA** . However, don't forget that topping up is free.

Is your application not yet up to date?
Update it here !

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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