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How do i top up my usd card?

In this short guide, we give you the procedure to follow to make reloads with your new temporary card USD... You'll see, it's simple!

First of all, it is important that you reassure yourself that you have enough money in your account when topping up, lest your transaction fail.

Then, follow these steps:

Click on the "+" (reload) button that appears on your temporary card page.

Click + to reload

Enter the amount of your top-up (in FCFA).

PaySika- amount FCFA

Once all the fields have been completed, validate your operation by clicking on "confirm"


If at the time of top-up you do not have enough funds in your PaySika account, you will automatically receive an error message accompanied by a proposal to top up the account.

PS: For 2 (two) insufficient balance payment attempts, your card is blocked. You will have to reload it immediately because, at 5 (five) failed attempts, the card is automatically deactivated.

Don't forget that at PaySika, we offer you intuitive, highly secure and affordable financial services. Thus, for your refills:

• Between $1 and $5, you are charged 150 FCFA
• Between $6 and $10, you are charged 300 FCFA
• Between $11 and $100, you are charged 600 FCFA
• Above $100, you are charged 1%

Get your USD card now and feel free to write to us via the app's messaging in case of any problems.
Make your payment now by clicking here I top up and make my payment

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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