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What advantages do you have with the PaySika debit card?

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You are probably wondering what advantages you have with PaySika and why you should use it.
In a few lines, we will give you the advantages of downloading the PaySika application.

You should know that PaySika is a solution to the problem of non-banking in French speaking Africa.

The advantages of PaySika are :

Your transactions in one place:
The possibility to do all your actions in one place without moving

The possibility to save your time
With Paysika avoid the hassle of banks and the endless wait to get a card or make a transaction.

Create and manage one or more virtual bank cards :
The possibility to have several bank cards with one account is possible with PaySika.

PaySika - changing the way you manage your finances

Management and visibility of your various transactions on a only platform :
We allow you to have the history of all your transactions on one PaySika page. AND also, to make your Mobile Money payment directly on PaySika.

Paysika allows you to block, unblock your cards yourself in 1 minute and at any time.
No need to go to the bank to block and unblock your card. With Paysika you can do it in seconds.

Limit your transaction limits.

One account, one free card, PaySika!
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Updated on: 07/08/2023

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