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How can I make a successful payment with my USD card?

Have you tried to make** a payment on one of your merchant sites** without success? However, your USD ($) card has the advantage of being international.

Let's explore the possible causes of this failure and the quick solutions.

You should know that before any online payment transaction, these three (3) conditions must be met:

Your PaySika application must be up to date on the stores (Play Store and App Store).

Your account must be verified.

Make a deposit on your account via Mobile Money and then on your USD card.

If you are asked for an address, please use a US address. You can easily find these addresses on Google.

You must make sure you have enough money in your USD card. In other words, you must have at least $2 to $3 more than the amount to be debited by the merchant site.

You must make sure that it is not a trading site, as our cards do not pass through these sites.

If, despite all these conditions, you are still unable to finalise your payment, make sure you are not in one of the following situations:

1- Use a new card even though you already have a bank card registered with the merchant site.

2- Risk of your account being blocked for improper attempts to make payments with insufficient balance.

In the first case, you need to delete the old payment method used on the platform in question. In the second case, it is preferable to have an additional $1 or $2 on top of the amount requested.**Good to know**: your card is automatically blocked after two failed payment attempts for insufficient balance.

If all these conditions are met and your profile is neither blocked nor unverified, your payment should be successful.

For any complaints about a refused payment or other issues, contact us directly via the application chat.

Updated on: 24/10/2023

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