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PaySika : How much can you earn with the referral ?


Here, we will tell you how you can earn through referral at PaySika. As you know, it is always interesting to win something by sharing a good plan 😉.

So stay focused so you don't miss any details. Everything you are going to read here will help you understand the referral process better.

Refer with the referral code

The person you are referring must enter your referral code during registration.

enter code

Where can you initiate a referral?

We tell you everything in the following lines

1) When the first card is generated, you can press the Share button and the referral message sent to the user should contain the referral link and the user's referral code.

Example: "Hey, I just got a free prepaid VISA card on PaySika. Get yours free too by using this referral code or by clicking on this link".

Share your referral code

2) From your profile page, as it appears in the application.

Via your profile

3) From the home page. You have to click on the button " PaySika, it's better with friends ".

Via the home page

What are the conditions to win your 1000 FCFA ?

For each sponsorship you make, you must meet the following criteria in order to get your 1.000FCFA:

1- With the sponsor
He must already have a virtual card,
He must have completed the verification (KYC),
He must have completed the order of his first physical card and
He must have made online payments greater than or equal to 5000frs before being eligible for the sponsorship bonus.

2- The sponsored (godson)

He must already have a virtual card,
He must also have completed his verification (Kyc),
He must order his first physical card and make an online payment of 5000frs to allow the sponsor to earn his referral bonus.
This allows him in turn to be eligible to earn the referral bonus and become a referrer.

Once this is done, the referrer will receive 1000 FCFA, which will appear in your transaction history as: "Referral Bonus".

How can you follow the recommendations?

You have a page where you can track the list of people you refer.

referral page

You have all the cards in hand to earn money with PaySika.

One account, one free DEBIT CARD, PaySika !
_Thanks for reading, bay !

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Updated on: 10/04/2023

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