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How to verify your PaySika at account ?

As required by local regulations, all PaySika users must fill in their identity before taking full advantage of all the company's services. To do so, you must :
Upload your ID after filling in your personal information,

Take a selfie directly in the application.

Uploading your ID

Step 1: After preparing your ID, choose the type of ID you wish to use to verify and validate your identity as shown in the screenshots below:

Step 2: Upload the photo of your chosen ID. In our example above, we have chosen the National Identity Card (CNI). Since it has two sides (front and back), step 2 is to upload the front side as shown in the figure below.

Before taking the picture you should make sure that :

That it is on a flat background (the user puts down on a flat surface)
That you are filming your ID in a sufficiently lit area
If you find that it is not visible enough, you can start again
That your card is sufficiently visible in the box on the mobile app when you take the picture.
Do not hold your ID on your hand and film

If you are satisfied with the photo, click Accept, then Next to proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Film and upload the back of your ID as shown in the following capture:

Taking a selfie
After filling in your personal details and uploading your ID, you must take a selfie by following the steps below:

Step 1: Getting ready
Take a selfie of yourself with a neutral face,

Make sure your face is visible, centred and that your eyes are open,

Do not hide or alter any part of your face (no filters),

Make sure you find a place with natural light.

Step 2: Take the selfie

After taking and validating your selfie, a verification via an artificial intelligence algorithm will be launched. You will then receive a confirmation message/confirmation of the validity of your identity based on the information received.
After these two steps, a verification via an artificial intelligence algorithm is launched to :
Check the validity and conformity of the identity document,

Verify if the user's selfie photo is compliant,

Compare the user's ID photo with the selfie photo taken directly in the PaySika application using AI to see if there is a match,

Thanks to our KYC partner, we also automatically check if the person is politically exposed, negatively flagged, etc. for AML/CFT reasons.

One account, one free debit card, PaySika!
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Updated on: 21/10/2022

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