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How do I change my PaySika password?

You're here because you've probably forgotten your password, or someone else has found it and you're worried...
Don't worry, we've got it covered and it's so easy!

To change your password, you have two options :
Option 1 : On the page to CONNECT, you just have to click on Forgotten password 5 ( Button located at the foot of the page ) . You will automatically receive an SMS on your number containing an OTP code that will allow you to enter the new password

PaYSika- reset your password

Option 2: in your account settings, you will see explicitly Change password, you will be asked for your PIN, then enter the old password, enter the new password and validate as shown in the following screenshot:

One account, one free bank card, PaySika !
Thank you for reading, bay!!!

Updated on: 28/06/2022

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