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How do i withdraw the USD debit card from my paysika account?

Many people have tested and approved it,** the PaySika** virtual card gives you access to infinite possibilities when it comes to online payments.

There's no need to handle physical money any more, one card is all you need for easy withdrawals.

With your PaySika Virtual USD debit card, you can make withdrawals from the card to your PaySika account.
The procedure is quite simple and similar to that for top-ups:

First, click on the arrow "withdraw " at the bottom of your temporary card.
In the window that appears, enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

Don't hesitate to consult the conversion information to be sure of the amount you wish to withdraw.

cash withdrawal

Then check your balance to make sure that your money has been credited to your PaySika account.

To make a withdrawal on your card, you must have a minimum amount of $1, lest your withdrawal be refused.

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Updated on: 12/09/2023

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